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About Us

The North Georgia Corps of Cadets Association (NGCCA) is a not for profit corporation originally organized under Charter from the Secretary of State of South Carolina on the 22nd of January, 2013 and re-chartered in Georgia on the 3rd of February 2014. NGCCA is privately organized and privately funded and is intended to promote and perpetuate the traditions, ideals and interests of the University of North Georgia Corps of Cadets, to proudly promote the contributions of Corps of Cadets alumni to the nation, to be a voice of the Corps alumni to the University’s leaders and to exercise continued and strong vigilance in maintaining both Senior Military College status and the designation of “The Military College of Georgia” long into the future.

Lt. Gen. James Terry

Why Join >

Alumni Weekend 2014 Reviewing Officer and NGC alumni (NGC ’78 & NGCCA member)

This corps and this (drill) field are about leadership. In my years of experience, it is my assessment that this cadet corps is singularly, the very best leadership gateway and a national treasure. There is a long list of national, state, and local leaders that have walked this turf, and they bear witness to that statement.

Colonel Dandridge Malone had it right, when he wrote: ‘I saw the natural state at a place called North Georgia College…. when they put that place together a hundred years ago, they didn’t know of (and many wouldn’t have heeded) the West Point model, or its VMI and Citadel surrogates. Whatever they got going there at North Georgia college, it is, in my view…natural. So lets get some heads together and go study that phenomenon and that place.’

This is where we learned to lead, and that as leaders we are responsible for all that our organization does or fails to do. We also learned that the art of leadership is influencing others and organizations to accomplish a task or mission… and that we cannot always direct, rather we must set an example for subordinates to follow.

We Believe

The solitary motivation of NGCCA is to “REMEMBER THE CORPS!”

For many alumni, the institution we knew was grounded by the Corps of Cadets. While the institution surrounding the Corps has evolved in so many ways over so many years, we, the members of NGCCA will continue to hold the experience of membership in the Corps of Cadets to be the solid foundation from which we launched uncounted successful lives in every field of endeavor.

The organization and training experience of the Corps of Cadets, throughout its time, is the template from which any motivated individual can build a constructive life. That template includes many things but would surely include structure, hands-on leadership training, the challenge of competition and the pride of mission success as well as the additional NGC/NGCSU/UNG & United States ARMY traits of leading by example and leading selflessly.


As UNG's first chartered shared interest group...


The NGCCA is a charitable, self-funded corporation...


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